Colorado Timber Industry Association | Partners for Healthy Forests

(CTIA) is an organization of small, family-owned businesses committed to logging, manufacturing, and forestry service work in Colorado’s forests. We are exceptional partners to the public and private stewards of our valuable and beautiful forests.

We embrace Best Management Practices (BMPs) and sustainable forestry. To meet these values, we host annual continuing education classes on BMPs and participate in field audits to demonstrate our accountability to high quality, active management designed to promote long-term forest health.

In 2017, we are highlighting Health Forests, Healthy Communities (HFHC), a similar coalition that "supports the need for active, sustainable forest management to provide stable county revenues and more jobs for our rural communities."

Both organizations "support balanced policies that promote rural economic opportunity while maintaining the many benefits we have come to expect from our forests, including recreation and diverse wildlife populations." Learn more at the HFHC website,